Contact & bank details


Phone: +2711 482 8493
Fax: +2711 482 7208
Twitter: @fairreporters
Address: 4th Floor, Mentone Media Centre, 1 Park Road, Richmond, 2092, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Bank details

Bank name: ABSA Bank
Account name: FAIR (Forum for African Investigative Reporters)
Type: Cheque Account
Account number: 407 136 4625
Branch Code: 632005
Swift code: ABSAZAJJ
Branch address: Cresta branch, Beyers Naude road, Johannesburg. 

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5 thoughts on “Contact & bank details”

  1. I am an investigative reporter that is based in Nigeria. I like to know if membership is still open for prospective journalists from Africa.

  2. why don’t yuo open branches in many African country especially in journalism shools

  3. je suis content de prendre connaissance de l’ association et j’ aimerai rester connecter à tout ce qui se passe et publier mes articles.Je sus journalist communicologue de ‘Université de Lubumbashi et actuellement j’ ai 11ans dans le joournallisme radio.

  4. First ,My name’s Abdi Weli Mahamed Sheikh for Somali journalist based in Somali and work for lacal Radio known as Radio Daljir which is the largest Radio in Somalia.

    Second I’m very happy to visit here in my first time.soI would like to ask you.How i can memeber this forum.

  5. I have important information about corruption in goverment institutions from Germany. If someone needs discover serious acts of project managers in Latin America and Africa, please write to

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