FAIR Vacancies 2014



Application deadline: 30 January 2014
Start date: 15 February 2014

FAIR seeks to appoint an Office Administrator who will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The position is for a 12 month period, renewable at Board discretion.

Duties will include:

• Attend to administrative tasks at the FAIR office;
• Answer telephone calls, maintain fax line and internet connections;
• Update the FAIR members database in Excel and online;
• Maintain an office filing system for HR and financial records;
• Circulate news and headlines to subscribers on FAIR email lists;
• Respond to information requests and queries from members, partners and journalists;
• Prepare materials and manage logistics at FAIR conferences and events;
• Ensure timely payment of membership fees;
• Assist with preparation for annual financial audits and project reports.

The successful candidate will:

• Have at least 2-3 years work experience in an office environment;
• Be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint;
• Demonstrate knowledge of email and internet applications;
• Be able to work during 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

To apply, send a cover letter with CV attached, by email to the Secretary General: wkabukuru@gmail.com


Application deadline: 30 January 2014
Start date: 15 February 2014

Open to: Journalists born or working for African media outlets, or residing on the continent.

Job Purpose: To coordinate news operations, obtain well-researched,incisive and ground-breaking articles on developments and current affairs and ensure written copy meets high editorial standards and ticks all the boxes on professional ethics, completeness, fairness and balance.


The prospective job holder must have:

• Solid understanding of Africa’s dynamic contemporary development trends, including on trade, extractive, and financial sectors; and, high-impact political decisions plus associated discourses shaping the continent’s future.
• A track record in in-depth reporting on or editing investigative stories and demonstrated evidence of knowledge and contextual understanding of vast topical issues.
• Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken. Knowledge of French language will be an added advantage.
• Demonstrable skills and preparedness to work from a virtual office;
• The flexibility to travel frequently and at short notice;
• Experience in marketing copy to editors, news outlets and other organisations in a highly dynamic and competitive environment of news sourcing and supply. The job holder must have vast contacts in both pan-African and international media; and
• A track record, supported by references, in managing or reporting on the management of, donor funds plus thorough grounding in the legal, ethical and financial oversight requirements of this duty.


You will:

• Oversee a pan-African programme of investigative journalism projects;
• Liaise with other professional media organizations to market/disseminate commissioned stories
• Monitor the implementation of the grant project and demand from grantees outputs within signed deadlines.
• Enforce compliance with grant guidelines/conditions and promptly
update supervisor(s) on identified anomalies.
• Co-operate with and assist in evaluating the impact of the project, including producing full, detailed reports as and when required.
• Assess political, social and economic trends and anticipates likely developments for coverage
• Brief grantees/journalists, gets debriefing, and makes final judgment call on story angles
• Mentor and guide journalists/writers on cutting edge news reporting
• Ensure that grantees/journalists deliver quality content within deadline.
• Edit stories to ensure they meet editorial standards and journalistic ethics across news platforms and regions
• Supervise other editors and ensure that their gate-keeping produces highest quality stories
• Adhere to and enforce zero tolerance on deadlines
• Customer Service: Maximum 48-hour turn-around for resolution of complaints


You will be:

• Committed to FAIR’s vision of promoting investigative journalism as an aspect of development rather than a simple exposé of wrongdoing;
• An excellent communicator in organizational as well as journalistic contexts;
• A strong, conscientious manager and team worker; you are the link between FAIR and its grant recipients and must be able to keep both parties well informed and collaborating effectively;
• A flexible personality adaptable to working with journalist colleagues in widely varied cultural, newsroom across Africa; and
• Commitment to FAIR members’ to excel, both at work and personally.


• Hold at least a first University degree and/or professional qualification in journalism or related media studies.
• At least three years working experience in a busy newsroom and a reputable media outlet
• Strong writing and editing skills

To apply, send a cover letter with CV attached, by email to the Secretary General: wkabukuru@gmail.com


Application deadline: 30 January 2014
Start date: 15 February 2014

FAIR seeks to appoint an Executive Director who will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The position is for a 12 month period, renewable annually after performance reviews and Board approval.

General duties will include:

• Focus on strategic organisational leadership;
• Manage project and operational budgets;
• Implement policy of the Board, AGM and donors;
• Build relations with stakeholders and media partners;
• Represent FAIR in public forums, events, conferences;
• Raise funds together with Board members;
• Oversee staff and operational issues.

Specific tasks:

Governance and oversight
• Develop and implement a business plan with operational budget for two years;
• Manage staff effectively and monitor staff performance as per Board instruction;
• Ensure quality and timely submission of accounting reports for annual audit;
• Compile reports from Projects, and present for quarterly Board –
meetings and the yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM);
• Supervise assets and other resources owned by the organization;

• Develop strategies, policies and protocols
• Raise funds strictly on the basis of FAIR’s mission, objectives and annual reports;
• Engage with a wide range of funding agencies to find and implement new partnerships;
• Decrease dependency on two existing donors, develop two other
partnerships into full funding relationships and find an additional donor.

• Marketing of journalists’ and FAIR work to generate income for both;
• Membership drive to raise awareness amongst African journalists;
• Increase paid subscribers to 15 new members per quarter.

Board Reporting and AGM
• Submit budgets, cash flow statements, annual audits, statements and other reports;
• Ensure at least 4 Board meetings and one AGM are held annually, in
compliance with the • FAIR Constitution;
• Oversee and ensure legality of the yearly election, at the AGM, of a new FAIR Board.

• Efficient organization of a yearly pan-African IJ conference in accordance with FAIR objectives, mission and Board and AGM directives;
• Manage annual regional conferences and prepare delegations for Global IJ Conference.

The successful candidate will:
• Hold a University Degree in Journalism or related field;
• Have 6-8 years work experience on investigative journalism and/or project management;
• Show proficiency in using Skype, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Excel and Power-point;
• Demonstrate advanced knowledge of social media, email and Internet applications;
• Be able to work during 9am to 5pm on weekdays and after hours where necessary;
• Be self driven and work with little supervision from the Board;
• Have an established network of media contacts in Africa;
• Show proven financial literacy.

To apply, send a cover letter with CV attached, by email to the Secretary General: wkabukuru@gmail.com

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