About FAIR

The Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR) is a professional association of investigative journalists in Africa. Its mission is to enhance, deepen and build investigative journalism as a profession throughout the continent.

FAIR was established on the basis of the awareness that, firstly, investigative journalists have a vital role to play to enhance the African public’s right to information about all matters of social development and social justice; and, secondly, that African investigative journalists at present face many obstacles, ranging from lack of encouragement and low pay to life-threatening situations. FAIR was established to help investigative journalists support each other in  overcoming these obstacles.   FAIR works to achieve its goals through:

  • professional support for African investigative journalists;
  • provision of resources and networking services for African investigative journalists;
  • facilitating cross-border partnerships in investigative stories throughout Africa;
  • facilitating access to information on Africa archived internationally, as well as internationally based colleagues
  • initiatives to support aspiring African investigative journalists through training and placement
  • support for, and promotion of, methods of best practice in African investigative journalism

FAIR is a Public Benefit Organisation registered in South Africa (PBO: 930016519) with offices at 4th floor Mentone Centre, 1 Park Road, Richmond, Auckland Park, 2092.


FAIR Constitution

FAIR Organogram

FAIR Code of Conduct

Financial Management Policy

Protocol of Project Funding

Protocol for Board members

FAIR Vacancies 2014

FAIR Board 2013

Annual Reports

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