Kenya: Inside Story – Call the Executioner Part 2

In part 2 of our investigative documentary series we show you how the legacy of disrespect for the law entrenched an infamous practice in the manuals of regional security institutions; that of rendition. Are the rights of accused rights at all? before we begin we would like to warn you that some of the images in this documentary are graphic.

By John Allan Namu and Mohammed Ali, 11 Sep 2013

In part one of Inside Story, Call the Executioner’ our investigative team laid bare the brutality with which the ATPU (anti-terror police unit) exercised its mandate by perpetrating multiple extra-judicial killings. For this, the government has accused KTN of treating matters of national security casually. However, what the government ignored was the fact that these killings are on record with agencies apart from KTN.

(*Also published online by Standard Media but videos later removed from YouTube)

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