OPPORTUNITY – FAIR @10: Growing from Network to Institution

Although FAIR is a multi-sourced institution with an established office and a base of loyal members, it is trying to move away from complete donor dependency on core and project support.  In this context FAIR hereby invites qualified individuals to apply for the following opportunities: 1. FACILITATOR – Strategy Workshop and 2. CONSULTANT – Business Plan Development.

New Deadline:  24 June 2013


Journalists in Africa suffer from a lack of support, poor resources and high risks when exposing abuse of power and resources in an environment rife with wrongs and injustices.   There seems to be only a handful of brave, investigative reporters doing some extraordinary work around the continent, and they are dispersed, often isolated,without support, assistance, networking or training.

Since establishment in 2003 the Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR) has supported quality investigative journalism in Africa with a range of activities including networking, grants, conferences and the FAIR Awards.  FAIR’s website, www.fairreporters.org is an interactive hub for investigative journalists to access news, opportunities, resources and case studies. The FAIR Investigative Journalism Manual has aided hundreds of journalists to fine-tune their research techniques.

The year 2012 witnessed recuperation and expansion at FAIR following a directorship changeover and settling of internal board troubles. Despite some constraints FAIR established new financial policies, governance systems and internal protocols, whilst seeking to comply with contractual undertakings and  expand into new projects.  More western based media colleagues sought contact with African journalists in the FAIR network during 2012, around issues of Africa’s natural resources, politics, crime and the environment.


During April 2013 FAIR held a stakeholders meeting to discuss efforts by new management in dealing with past problems and to re-vitalize the organization in 2013.  Participants concurred that important challenges included strengthening internal management capacity; preventing conflicts of interest; increasing transparency of decision-making; and re-assuring members, partners and donors that the positive changes at FAIR are irreversible.

Although FAIR is a multi-sourced institution with an established office and a base of loyal members, it is trying to move away from complete donor dependency on core and project support. In this context FAIR hereby invites qualified individuals to apply for the following opportunities:

1. FACILITATOR: Strategy Workshop
2. CONSULTANT: Business Plan Development

FAIR is grateful to Free Press Unlimited (FPU) for financial support to develop a Business Plan compatible with FAIR’s mission and vision, and which would generate income through unique content, service and data offerings.   We also thank the Open Society Foundation (OSF) for ongoing advice and financial support during the past few years which has enabled FAIR to grow into a valuable professional network for African investigative journalists.

1. FACILITATOR: Strategy Workshop

New Deadline:  24 June 2013

Terms of Reference


In order to effectively review and determine FAIR’s core mission and objectives for the coming years, FAIR seeks to appoint a qualified media expert to facilitate a strategy workshop for the FAIR director and Board, as a follow-up to the stakeholder meeting held in April 2013. The objective is to formulate a strategic and competitive “re-positioning” paper, noting that a consultant alone would be unable to determine FAIR’s core mission and objectives. The updated mission and objectives of FAIR would serve as a departure point for another consultant to formulate the business plan.

Job Specification:

Under direct supervision and guidance of FAIR Board and FPU, the Media Strategist will work closely with the FAIR Executive Director. She/He will provide the following services:

1. Conduct brainstorm sessions and interviews with Board members,Executive Director, Regional Editors and other experts;
2. Perform a SWOT Analysis and present a Roadmap for 2013-2015;
3. Identify different approaches and viable strategies for engaging the private and public sectors while maintaining Editorial independence;
4. Develop an implementation funding/resource mobilisation and utilization strategy;
5. Propose potential actors who can fund the operations of FAIR.


Using the best resources, including pre-workshop interviews, discussions and meetings, the Media Strategist will be paid a fee of Eur 3,000 to include:
1. Facilitation of two-day workshop in Johannesburg
2. Production of ‘strategic re-position paper’

* FAIR will arrange the venue and travel bookings for Media Strategist and Board representatives.

To apply:  Send a covering letter with CV attached by email to director@fairreporters.org

New Deadline:  24 June 2013

2. CONSULTANT: Business Plan Development

New Deadline:  24 June 2013

Terms of Reference

Job title:      Business Development Consultant
Category:       Media/Journalism
Updated:        21 May 2013
Contract:       Fixed term, 3 months
Available:      June 2013
Amount:         EUR 5,000
Deadline:       24 June 2013
Recruiter:      FAIR
Location:       Anywhere

The Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR) is looking to recruit a Business Development Consultant.  Under direct supervision and guidance of FAIR Board and FPU, the Business Development Consultant will work closely with the FAIR Executive Director.

Job Specification

She/ He will provide the following services during the 3-month contract period June-Aug 2013:

1.      Determine FAIR’s core mission / objectives as prioritized by its members (examine previous strategic documents, seek inputs from members, conduct project evaluations, circulate questionnaires, request interviews, etc);
2.      Map FAIR’s current commitments to donors in terms of projects & deliverables;
3.      Recommend systems, processes for resource mobilization and financial sustainability;
4.      Ensure a consultative process in development of the business/market opportunities (regular discussions with stakeholders, FAIR Board and professional members, the media sector, international community, and development agencies);
5.      Prepare a report containing in-depth analysis on the various business options (and recommendations for submission to the Board Executive Committee);
6.      Develop a restructuring plan with explicit & tangible deliverables (to include a thorough budgeting process and review of current staffing & resource systems);
7.      Provide a realistic & pragmatic market assessment, driven by market intelligence (Important to acquire intelligence directly from targeted media decision-makers, preferably people who control budgets).
8.      Evaluate potential unique Intellectual Property (IP) or services (which can be created by the mission objectives and current project commitments);
9.      Review and assess market potential of different business models (public sector, private sector, international community and others);
10.     Prepare a report with in-depth analysis on various business options and recommendations (for submission to the FAIR Board Executive Committee);
11.     Prepare a detailed implementation plan (with steps needed to reach the selected alternative/ business model targets);
12.     Test the assumptions on revenue with the market (to ensure there is a credible market opportunity to deliver meaningful results);
13.     Develop a product plan (to be executed simultaneously with the strategy and restructuring plan with clear deliverables)
14.     Work out a clear set of revenue targets, production schedules, and market strategies (with clear revenue milestones leading to break-even & then profit).


•       Advance University degree in Business Administration, Marketing, organizational development and management or relevant fields.
•       Minimum 10 years of knowledge and professional experience in strategic planning and management, organizational change and corporate planning in developing countries.
•       In-depth understanding of organization and management of public, private institutions and NGOs, with a focus on human resources and financial sustainability of the organization in Africa.
•       Experience in planning and management of public, private institutions and NGOs.
•       Knowledge of best marketing practices and modalities.
•       Strong motivation, excellent team player and result oriented.
•       Excellent presentation, communication and IT skills.
•       Fluency in English language (written and verbal) is required.
•       French and Portuguese languages an advantage.

To apply: Send a covering letter with CV attached by email to director@fairreporters.org

New Deadline:  24 June 2013


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