Call for conference papers: War on Terror in East Africa

The political, social and economic environment in East Africa presents specific challenges for investigative journalists. With increasing security issues in the region, it is becoming more difficult for credible and professional media to provide a much-needed voice against corruption, injustice, and bad governance. Application Deadline: 05/09/2012

In this context, the Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR) in partnership with Open Society Institute East Africa (OSIEA), Kenya Media Programme (KMP), Tanzania Media Fund (TMF) and Great Lakes Media Institute (Rwanda and U.S.) will host a regional Investigative Journalism conference during 17-19 September 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The theme of the conference, “War on Terror in East Africa: security, elections and transparency” has been chosen to highlight the fact that increased security measures, secrecy and militarization, are challenges for investigative reporters, and to enable participants to debate, and find ways forward to deal with, these challenges. This is especially urgent in Kenya, which is preparing for elections early next year.

A keynote address at the conference will pinpoint the major issues and questions that face investigative reporters in East Africa in the context of the present ‘War on Terror’ in the region.

The best investigative journalists from the region are expected to attend. Among them will be CNN Award, Knight Award, and FAIR Award winners.

Other objectives include:

* To encourage relationships and networking between investigative journalists in East Africa, enable professional growth, and produce better stories;
* To highlight national case studies, provide technical skills training and conduct brainstorm sessions for investigative journalists;
* To find the best presentations from East Africa for the annual African Investigative Journalism Conference (29-31 October 2012, Johannesburg)

FAIR is calling on members and other journalists in East Africa to submit investigative case studies for presentation. Concept notes should be less than one page and reflect investigative work to share
and discuss with colleagues.  

Participants with valuable presentations will be invited at the cost of the organisers.

Please apply before Wednesday 5 September 2012, by email to, or by fax to +2711 482 7208, or by post: FAIR, 4th floor Mentone Centre, 1 Park Road, Richmond, Auckland Park, 2092, South Africa.

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