Registration open for the African Investigative Journalism Conference (AIJC)

‘Power Reporting: The African Investigative Journalism Conference 2011′ will be hosted by FAIR and Wits University during October 31st and November 2nd, 2011. FROM AFRICA: * Multiple FAIR Award winner Emmanuel Mayah, on the large scale African agricultural land sales. * Kassim ‘pirates’ Mohamed, on hunger in the Horn and how Somali’s help each other. * Eric Mwamba on the African Rich. * China in Africa.  FROM THE WORLD: * Felicity Lawrence, award-winning writer on the food industry for the London Guardian. Why food prices are rising across the world and how Africa is being exploited.  TRAINING: * Learn about Data Visualisation for print and online with Amanda Cox, New York Times. * Energy and climate change with John Vidal, London Guardian and OSI fellow Ken Silverstein, * Join the computer assisted reporting team to learn new skills for the newsroom and investigative reporting.  REGISTER ONLINE NOW!

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