FAIR’s Transnational Investigation finalist in Daniel Pearl Awards

FAIR’s Transnational Investigation 2011, ‘Pirates, Smugglers and Corrupt Tycoons’, is a finalist in the upcoming Daniel Pearl Awards, which are awarded annually by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.Of the seven finalists, two winners will be announced at the October 15 gala dinner of the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Kiev, Ukraine.

The ICIJ says it will release the names of all seven finalists later this week, adding that “the competition was intense” and that FAIR is in “very elevated company”.

The Transnational Investigation, also nicknamed ‘Social bandits’, (click here to see the report) was carried out by FAIR members Theophilus Abbah, Kassim Mohamed, Christophe Assogba and Charles Rukuni.

Both the investigation and the team were headed by FAIR peer mentor Charles Rukuni.

The final publication, which made it to 17 newspapers and other print media world wide, was edited by former FAIR director Evelyn Groenink.

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