‘Social bandits’ now in French and Portuguese – ‘Bandits sociaux’ maintenant en francais et portugais – ‘Os bandidos sociais’ agora em frances e portugues

FAIR’s deep-digging Transnational Investigation 2011 into ‘criminal development’ in Africa is now available in French and Portuguese. The story of the money invested in African development by  pirates, oil smugglers, rebels and corrupt tycoons, can now be shared with networks, colleagues and friends in lusophone and francophone parts of Africa and the world.
L’Investigation Transnationale de FAIR 2011, sur le ‘developpement criminel’ en Afrique, est maintenant disponible en francais et en portugais. Lisez l’histoire de l’argent investi par les pirates,les contrebandiers, les rebelles et les magnats corrompus, et partagez avec vos reseaux, confreres et amis francophones et lusophones. Pour le francais, cliquez ici: http://www.fairreporters.org/portal/fairnew/UserFiles/SysDocs/bb_content/1518/FAIR%202011%20French%20Proof%205.pdf .
O Investigacao Transnacional do FAIR 2011 no ‘desenvolvimento criminosa’  na Africa esta agora disponivel em Frances e em Portugues. A historia do dinheiro investido no desenvolvimento Africano por piratas, contrabandistas, rebeldes e magnatas corruptos agora pode ser compartilhada com as redes, colegas e amigos no partes lusophonos e francophonos da Africa e do mundo. Para Portugues, clique em http://www.fairreporters.org/portal/fairnew/UserFiles/SysDocs/bb_content/1519/FAIR%202011%20Porto%20Proof%204.pdf.

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